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Tile Removal in Dallas, TX

American Flooring Removal

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Dustless Tile Removal in Dallas, Texas

American Flooring Removal is a dust-free tile-removal company in the Dallas Fort Worth area that has been certified by DustRam®. They utilize a cutting-edge solution for removing all types of floors including hardwood, underlayment, vinyl, and anything else you need to be removed. Their dustless floor removal process is fast and effective, which guarantees that your project is completed on time and.

Issues concerning the recurring silica dust from standard flooring removal have become a significant problem. Their dust-free DustRam® System Processes get the task done faster than standard techniques to remove the flooring and it is a safer process for clients with issues like respiratory health problems.

Families with infants, young children, senior relatives, or animals staying in their houses can rest easy recognizing their loved ones are secured from the unsafe dust and debris created by the standard floor removal.

We Capture Tile Dust the Moment it is Created

Commercial Businesses like health centers as well as other medical centers, dining establishments, office complexes, and even colleges can relax knowing that their clients and customers are not breathing in dust after a floor removal. They are the leading expert providing only the best-quality dust free tile removal in Dallas. Choose American Flooring Removal, a Certified DustRam® provider of dustless tile removal in Dallas Fort Worth. We deal with all floor removal situations including, but not limited to:

Ceramic tile
Porcelain tile
Saltillo tile
Stone tile
Travertine tile
Limestone tile
Vinyl (Linoleum, VCT, and Sheet Vinyl)
Slate tile
Hardwood Flooring
Flagstone tile
Epoxy and Painted Floor Removal

If you or any member of your family have any kind of issue breathing (COPD, Asthma) that issue can be triggered by exposure to silica dust. DustRam® equipment captures the dust as soon as it is created, at the source, preventing it from contaminating your home.  There is no need for plastic or water when the DustRam® System is being used, rest assured that your home will be cleaner when the crew leaves than when they arrive.

A Completely Dust Free Service, Every Single Time

The DustRam® System equipment tear-out process generates standard, predictable, dust-free results each time since they will not be utilizing standard techniques of floor covering elimination with out-of-date tools, plastic, tape, and respiratory system defense that just do not work. Their brand-new, highly advanced, patented DustRam® System devices, producer skilled personnel as well as specialized procedures allow them to eliminate dust at the source!

Did you know the removal of 1,000 sq. ft. of Ceramic Tile creates 600-800 pounds. of hazardous silica dirt? Plastic, as well as tape, can not eliminate this dirt from polluting your residence.

Without the technically innovative DustRam® System tools, this dirt will find its method right into your HVAC ductwork, rugs, furnishings, cabinets, cabinets, home window treatments, appliances, closets, etc. Crystalline Silica Dirt can stick around in your house for months, also years, regardless of duplicated and costly cleaning company efforts to remove it.

If any person in your house suffers from allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, COPD, another respiratory system, or medical problems, if you have infants or kids, charming animals, or if you have a residence as well as belongings of great value to you, please call American Flooring Removal today to discuss just how we can aid you with your floor covering project as well as safeguard you, your household and your house.

Working with various other professionals that assert to be able to decrease dust can lead to unanticipated as well as significant prices to clean your residence or to repair damage caused to your subfloor by their substandard equipment or lack of know-how. If your flooring is not eliminated with their DustRam® System, it will NOT be DUST FREE!

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