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Dust Free Flooring Removal Contractors – Find a DustRam® Location Near You
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Our Process of Removing Tile Flooring is Better, Faster, & Cleaner

The Flooring Industry has seen significant developments in new flooring materials and products but most contractors still use outdated tile removal tools, equipment, and methods. Removing tile typically leaves the interior of your home and all your belongings covered in Crystalline Silica dust for weeks, if not months. Plastic, tape, and floor/window fans are not the solution nor do they eliminate the pervasive dust.

In addition to the cost of new flooring, homeowners may spend hundreds of dollars staying in a hotel during the removal process and having professional cleaning companies remove what they can, of the dust. Silica dust ends up all throughout your home, area rugs, furniture, draperies, electronics, ductwork, inside your pantries, drawers, ceilings, and more. You will inevitably end up breathing in the dust and exposing yourself to the potential diseases caused by silica dust inhalation. If you have respiratory or other medical conditions, the dust can add additional costs in time lost from work and medical office visits.

Luckily, DustRam® contractors are the solution to preventing silica dust exposure. The DustRam® System Equipment consists of multiple patented tile-removal pieces used with high-performance vacuums to capture dust at the source and prevent it from going airborne. This is how you can protect your loved ones and your pets from exposure to crystalline silica dust. The additional benefit of the dust-free process is the quality floor preparation that leaves you with a subfloor that is flatter and smoother, ready for the install. Choose quality tile removal with one of our DustRam® contractors today.

What are the Differences Dust Free vs. Traditional Tile Removal

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Protect Your Home and Family from the Dangerous Silica Dust

Tile Removal Directory was made to provide you with resources for finding true dust-free tile removal and floor removal contractors across the United States. The contractors listed use the heavy-duty patented DustRam® System Equipment invented to capture the carcinogenic silica dust. Protect your family, pets, and your home from exposure to tile dust by opting for a truly dust-free contractor.

Key Factors to Know:
  • Dust Free – Tile removal and floor demolition specialists certified by DustRam® don’t expose your home to silica. On the contrary, traditional tile removalists expose you to dangerous silica dust that is created during the tile chipping process, ultimately releasing the dust particles back into the air.
  • Costs – You will need to request a quote on dust free floor removal and dust free surface prep to meet your budget and expectations. DustRam® contractors offer payment plans and interest free options.
  • Qualified and Experienced – Do they have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rating? Make sure they are DustRam® Certified for a guaranteed dust-free tile removal service. DustRam® contractors have OSHA-approved air quality tests that prove Dust Free Results, every single time.

How Much Dust Is Left In Your Home


DustRam® Dust Free Tile Removal


Virtually Dust Free Tile Removal


Traditional Tile Removal

How Much Does Dust Free Tile Removal Cost?

The budget for your project will determine the kind of new flooring you want to be installed in your home, who the installer will be, and whether or not you use a contractor who can remove your tile dust free. If you and your family’s health, your home, and your many belongings are of great value to you, consider the cost of using a service that will not expose you to hundreds of pounds of tile dust.

Build the remainder of your budget and selection of flooring materials on top of that cost to ensure that you are not spending hundreds or thousands of dollars after the project is complete to remove the leftover dust from your home. The investment you make in your new flooring installation, in all aspects, should result in a beautiful new floor that adds value to your home, compliments your lifestyle, and has no lingering negative consequences.

Hire a Reputable Contractor

With the technology available on Smartphones, tablets, computers, it is easier than ever to research companies before you select a contractor for your project. Checking reviews from a variety of sources will allow you to see all the negative or positive comments clients have felt compelled to post about a company they have used. Sometimes the businesses themselves pay for reviews, this should not be, no customer should ever be pressured to providing a review, and you can always tell when a business owner leaves a review. DustRam® is listed in the BBB and is a reputable national certifying entity that leads the dust free tile removal industry.

Hire a DustRam® Certified Contractor for Your Dust Free Tile Floor Removal

By checking the DustRam® Contractor Map, consumers can see who has been trained and certified as an authorized DustRam® contractor. All will have complete patented DustRam® Systems with over 250+ components. A homeowner or general contractor who hires a company for quality flooring removal for health, efficiency, and overall cost value deserves to get their monies worth.

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