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Dust Free Tile Removal Cost

How Much Does Dustless Tile Removal Cost?

A company using a complete DustRam System that is offering truly dust free tile removal will charge in the $3.50 to $4.50 range for ceramic or porcelain tile removal on an easy access home with a concrete slab.  Grinding of all the thinset and the disposal and hauling away will be included in the quote.

Obviously working a two-story home, or removing tile over a basement will have a subfloor that may have to be removed, so check with your DustRam Contractor to learn about pricing.

Some companies claiming to be dust free might charge less, but they have other ways of making up the cost such as installation and floor preparation.  Also remember, a company that is dust free should never use plastic, never use water, and never use a ride on floor scraper machine as the dust has to be captured before it goes in the air.

If you hear about companies charging less than $3.00 per square foot for flooring removal, they might be charging that low amount because they don’t have as much overhead, meaning they operate out of their home instead of a physical location, or maybe they are using illegal workers or perhaps they are very slow and trying to get any work they can get, but if they can’t capture the dust before it goes in the air, they are not dust free.

It’s important to find a company that is certified dust free.  Jack King of Arizona Home Floors started the first prototypes for a complete dust free system back in 2008 and by 2010 had already started the process of filing the patents.

Today, Jack King personally trains and certifies contractors from all over the country on how to do tile removal with no dust and the locations of all currently trained and certified DustRam contractors can be found here:

If you don’t see a contractor listed on the map, but the company claims they use the DustRam System, please call 480-428-3880 to inquire, perhaps the company was removed from the map.

Cost is a determining factor in any endeavor; when a homeowner is completing a remodel, small things can add up quickly to derail a budget. There can be a lot of working components, even in something as seemingly simple as changing the flooring of a home.

The first thing people must decide is what needs to be removed and what should replace it; the second is hiring a contractor or flooring store to make it happen. The homeowner is tasked with finding the best price for the greatest value.  Many homeowners are looking to update older looks, worn carpets, or broken tiles and must consider the cost to remove tile flooring when replacing the tile floor.

The process usually requires removing tile from concrete, removing thinset with a thinset removal tool, and then grinding down the concrete to prepare it for the replacement flooring chosen by the homeowner. Most recently, the upward trend has been to search for the healthiest, quickest, and most cost-effective choice. This movement necessitates a cost comparison between the traditional dusty removal of the floor versus the dust free tile removal cost.

Method For Removing Tile Dust Free

When removing ceramic tile, or any other type of flooring, a great amount of dust is created at the typical jobsite; up to one pound of dust occurs for each square foot of the tile demo.

Deciding how to remove tile and other flooring materials is an extremely important decision. There are many methods to deter dust production in the hope of preventing it from entering the air. These include such practices as hanging plastic sheeting, installing huge fans to blow dust outward, watering down the area as the work is done, and carefully vacuuming during or after the flooring demolition has been completed.

All these procedures have been used with varying degrees of success for years by flooring removal companies. Even when these measures are taken, the homeowner is often left with dangerous silica dust particles throughout their home and coating the air conditioning components.

The cost of completing or paying for cleanup must now be added into the original flooring removal company’s “cost-saving” quote; it can run into the range of thousands of dollars over a period of months. So what good is $1.00 per square foot if the homeowner will have to spend $3,000 cleaning up the home, flushing the air ducts, doing air conditioner repair, and repainting? It’s not worth it to do it the old fashioned outdated way.

On the other hand, each component of the DustRam® equipment is specialized to promptly capture the dust as it is created, before it is even airborne.

Every tile removal tool created by this company is designed with attention to detail, so the jobs are completed efficiently with minimal disruption for the homeowner.

Each movement of the team itself is also meticulously orchestrated to eliminate dust particles in every step of the process. The dustless technique applies to thinset removal, carpet removal, and Travertine, Stone, or Saltillo tile removal.

If it needs to be pulled, chiseled, or hammered from the floor dust free, DustRam® has the patented equipment for the job. The total cost is drastically decreased when using the system initiated by AZ Home Floors, LLC.

No time is wasted putting up and taking down plastic sheets and tape, fans blowing dust and debris to float in the yard and down the street or waiting for the concrete base to dry before proceeding with the next step of installation for new flooring.

Due to the precision of the equipment and the DustRam® teams, there is no excessive cleanup of the work area needed, so the overall floor removal is completed in a shorter amount of time with definite cost savings in time and money.

Experience Of The Tile Removal Company Near You

When a homeowner is doing their due diligence to determine the correct person at the best price for their home flooring removal, they often ask the contractor how long they have been in the industry and working with floor demolition.

Although this is a great question to get the investigation started, an immediate follow-up query should be how long the company has specifically been doing dust free tile removal. Here is where one will find the cost-benefit of paying a bit more to have the work completed by a dust free seasoned professional.

Most contractors and floor stores have several years of experience doing a combination of installation and demolition of flooring surfaces; much of this involves the traditional dusty method. Jack King, the inventor of DustRam® equipment has been in the flooring business for over 30 years and has worked exclusively for the last twelve years to achieve and refine the dust free process.

DustRam® holds the only patents to the equipment and requires all contractors who use their equipment and system of dustless tile removal to attend a personalized multi-day training session. Supervised instruction and practice ensure the entire dustless tile removal teams uphold the high standards required to achieve a truly dust free outcome.

The expertise and know-how of the DustRam® teams translate easily into cost savings. The monetary cost of dust free tile removal for the licensed, bonded, insured and experienced AZ Home Floors, LLC is almost equivalent to the charges of the big box stores, such as Home Depot, to complete the same removal.

The only difference is the other contractors use old-school methods to try to control the dust; DustRam® delivers a dustless process for nearly the same charge. The service is superior, and the result is optimal. The value when using experienced dust free teams is clearly apparent. For tile removal in Phoenix, there are two DustRam® contractors already offering this valuable service.

Tile Removal Equipment

The tools used by a craftsman are an important aspect to consider regarding the costs of home improvement.   If a contractor has invested money into quality equipment, it shows a commitment to excellence.

The demolition team will complete their tasks quickly, efficiently, and safely—for the team, the homeowner, and items within the house.  The tools and techniques used in regular tile removal have not changed much over time and give the expected result when used — a grimy sheen covering every surface in the home with dangerous airborne particles circulating in the air conditioning system.

The DustRam® series/collection of patented equipment is specially designed to capture dust at the source and remove it completely from the premises without allowing it to contaminate the home and all items within it.  By choosing a DustRam® contractor, the homeowner is assured they will not incur the monetary cost of a dusty cleanup nor the possible health costs for all members of the family, including pets.

This decision is extremely important, especially for family members who have allergies, asthma, or COPD, as the silica dust particles created by the older style of tile removal contain carcinogens as recognized by both the CDC and OSHA.  These government entities have clear guidelines to protect anyone who may encounter the residue caused by flooring demolition.

It can take months or even years to remove all the dust and particles left by traditional removal methods. For health reasons alone, using the improved/advanced/unique dustless tile removal service creates cost savings that cannot be numerically calculated.

Videos Of Tile Being Removed Dust Free

Testimonials – Written or video

When removing tile flooring, or any materials for that matter, cost factors are always going to be an obvious consideration. It is important to keep in mind there are more pressing concerns than monetary that should be explored. The dust free tile removal cost offered by DustRam® contractors is ultimately preferred based on the method of dust capture at the source, over a decade of experience in creating a dustless environment using the only patented equipment in the industry, and protection from the health hazards created by the processes used by competitors.

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