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Tile Removal in College
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DustRam® College Station

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Tile Removal Services in College Station

A dustless tile removal is different than the traditional and virtually dust free methods. Dust free tile removal captures crystalline silica dust and won’t expose you to the dangers that come from inhalation. Tile dust is known industry wide as Crystalline Silica Dust, is hazardous substance created during many construction jobs that kills many people each year. This process was introduced to eradicate exposure of silica dust to workers and homeowners. Exposure to this dust can result in serious and sometimes fatal diseases.

Leading companies such as DustRam® use specially engineered equipment made for the sole purpose of removing tile floors and capturing the dust the second it is created. This means that the dust from a tile removal will not go airborne. Trust in a DustRam® College Station to provide a truly dustless solution for you.

How Long Will a Dust Free Tile Removal Take?

Depending on the type of tile removal company you hired, the amount of time for completion changes. DustRam® will remove your tile completely dust free 3 times faster than any other contractor. Contact our team for more information about our services. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about our service.

DustRam® Equipment Collects Silica Dust, the Moment it is Created

DustRam® was first inaugurated in 2008. Jack King, founded DustRam® and invented the method that collects crystalline silica dust while chipping floor tile. Jack developed and patented the DustRam® System of tools and equipment and then production began! DustRam® has multiple patented pieces of equipment that unanimously make up the most extensive system for dustless tile removal, in existence.

With 23 US patents and counting, DustRam® inarguably sets the tone for the dust free flooring removal process. There is not another system that can remove floor tile as fast as our team and capture all the dust. An entire pound of dust is produced per square foot of tile. This means you could end up with hundreds of pounds of dust in your home. That is why dust free tile removal is significantly important. Do not exposure your loved ones to respirable silica dust.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a project estimate, you can either call or fill out the contact form for a quote. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours of submitting your contact form with more information and insight into the overall costs. If you would like an immediate quote on your project, call us today!

DustRam® Removes Several Types of Flooring:

Our certified contractors can remove different types of flooring materials in your home completely dust free. Below are the most common types of flooring we remove:

Ceramic tile
Porcelain tile
Saltillo tile
Stone tile
Travertine tile
Limestone tile
Marble tile
Slate tile
Hardwood Flooring
Flagstone tile
Adhesives and glue

Osha’s Ruling on Crystalline Silica Dust Mitigation

The final 2017 ruling on crystalline silica dust mitigation establishing the responsibility of construction companies such as DustRam® was released by OSHA. The importance of staying below the permissible exposure level was the focus of this ruling. OSHA let companies know that under the standard put into place, they are at full responsibility and should follow the crystalline silica standard for construction.

The DustRam®  System is compliant with OSHA’s silica standard for construction. Our system allows us to chip tile, collect the debris, and grind thinset mortar while staying under the permissible exposure level.

Crystalline silica was declared by CDC as a human carcinogen or cancer-causing agent. Silica dust deaths are attributed to long term and short term exposure and respiration. Avoid the perilous exposure to silica by hiring a dust free contractor today.

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