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Tile Removal in West Palm
Beach, Florida

DustRam® West Palm Beach

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Dustless Tile Removal in West Palm Beach, Florida

Hire the leading dustless tile removal contractor in West Palm Beach, Florida? DustRam® is the best company with over 24 U.S. patents on the necessary equipment for dust free flooring removal. DustRam® currently has contractors that can facilitate your dust free tile removal throughout the country. If you are ready for your project, reach out for a free estimate today.

By choosing DustRam® you are hiring a dustless tile removal solution and are guaranteed just that. The DustRam® equipment was created to collect the tile dust the very moment it is created, keeping the dust from ever going airborne.

A Much Cleaner, Healthier, and Faster Floor Removal

DustRam® removes many types of flooring in both residential and commercial properties across the US. Most homeowners interested in upgrading their space aren’t eager to go through with a tile removal due to the dangerous exposure to tile dust and the mess it creates.

Homeowners end up with several hundreds of pounds of dust in their home after a traditional tile floor removal. DustRam® does not use any of the outdated methods to remove floor such as traditional and virtually dust free. Both methods expose you to the dangerous dust that is known for causing silicosis and lung cancer. The DustRam® System uses high-grade tools and equipment that capture dust instantaneously from production.

DustRam® Removes Tile Dust Free Preventing the Dangerous Dust From Going Airborne

Why choose Dust Free? Dust free tile removal is the preferred method for tile removal because the dust is collected and does not hit the air in your home. Exposure to silica dust is immensely harmful. OSHA listed silica dust as a respiratory hazard with a medical diagnosis that includes lung cancer and silicosis in 2017.

Silica dust has been recognized by the CDC and the NIOSH as a human lung carcinogen. Short and long-term exposure to tile dust is harmful and may result in serious or fatal diseases. DustRam® built a system that takes care of this issue by promptly sucking up the dust particles that are made during the tile removal. Choose DustRam® for your dustless tile removal in West Palm Beach!

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