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Dust Free Tile Removal in
Orlando, FL

DustRam® Orlando

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Advanced Technology, Tools, and Equipment

The DustRam® System uses patented crystalline silica dust guards that suck up any dust particles that are created during the tile floor removal. If you are in the market for a remodel, choose DustRam® Orlando for your tile removal. We will use our advanced technology to remove your floors without leaving a dusty mess behind. Nobody has the ability to capture the harmful silica dust as we do. Our machines are made specifically to capture and contain all the dust particles that would pervade your home with the traditional tile removal method. So hire DustRam® Orlando for a dustless solution, today!

DustRam® is the number one source for dust free floor removal in the city of Orlando. Whether you own a commercial or residential property, no job is too big or too small for DustRam® Orlando! We use our developed system and processes to alleviate you from experiencing a dusty mess that will put a hole in your wallet. Special machines, tools, and equipment are necessary to remove tile completely dust free. Many homeowners choose the traditional approach because it appears to be more cost-effective only to find out that this is not the case.

Although the traditional method may seem more affordable at first, you will inevitably spend a lot more hiring cleaning professionals to get rid of the dust. On average, homeowners spend months and sometimes years trying to get rid of the dust completely. Dust cleaning sessions run up the overall costs. Avoid spending excess money by hiring dust free tile removal experts. Don’t waste our money booking multiple cleaning sessions just to clean up the dust that could have been removed from the start.

Dustless Tile Removal in Orlando, Florida

Are you looking for dust free tile removal in Orlando, Florida? Look no further than the industry leader, DustRam® Orlando! DustRam® has certified contractors around the nation making us the largest dustless tile removal expert with decades of experience. We are the only certifying entity since 2008 providing the U.S. with a solution to floor tile removal that is completely dust free. DustRam® has 23 patents of innovative proprietary tools and equipment that set us apart from the rest. If you are interested in tile removal in Orlando, hire DustRam® to get a dust free floor removal while saving both money and time.

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DustRam® Orlando Removes the Following
Types of Flooring:

Ceramic tile
Porcelain tile
Saltillo tile
Stone tile
Travertine tile
Limestone tile
Marble tile
Slate tile
Hardwood Flooring
Flagstone tile
Adhesives and glue

Not the Same as Traditional Tile Removal

A dust free tile removal is not the same as traditional or virtually dust free. Dust free tile removal is the only method that captures all the dust and does not expose you or your loved ones to the dangers of silica dust. Silica dust also known industry wide as Crystalline Silica Dust, a respirable substance that is produced during the tile removal process. Most contractors do not have the necessary equipment that will capture the tile dust without exposing you to it.

Reputable companies such as DustRam® use specially engineered equipment made for the sole purpose of removing tile floor and capturing the dust the second it is created. This means the dust from a tile removal will never become airborne. Trust in a DustRam® Certified Contractor to provide a completely dust free solution for your home.

Our Equipment Captures Silica Dust the Moment it is Created

DustRam® was established in 2008. Jack King, founder of DustRam® invented a method that would collect silica dust while chipping tile floor. Jack developed and patented the DustRam® System of tools and equipment and then production began! DustRam® has created multiple patented pieces of equipment that communally make up the most comprehensive system for dustless tile removal, in existence.

With over 23 US patents and counting, DustRam® truly sets the tone for the dust free process. No other system can remove a tile as fast as our team and capture all the dust. An entire pound of dust is produced per square foot of tile. This means you could end up with hundreds of pounds of dust in your home. That is why dust free tile removal is extremely important. Do not exposure your loved ones to respirable silica dust.

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