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Dust Free Tile Removal in Fort
Lauderdale, FL

DustRam® Fort Lauderdale

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Dustless Tile Removal in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

DustRam® is the top contractor for dust free tile removal in Fort Lauderdale. Certified DustRam® contractors have the necessary technology and equipment to remove tile flooring without letting the dust go airborne. The DustRam® System captures silica dust when it is produced, meaning your home is left even cleaner than when it first arrived. The DustRam® system captures 99.9% of tile dust and they also scarify concrete which helps with better bonding.

Beware of traditional or virtually dust free tile removal companies that claim dust free. Their methods expose you to dust that causes serious illnesses in the body. Virtually dust free while not visible, is still present in the home. Traditional tile removal is the original method that does not capture the dust particles, in fact, the dust is released back into the air. According to sources, it takes a small amount of silica dust to create health hazards.

Do Your New Floor Better, Faster, & Cleaner with DustRam®

Whether you need to remove ceramic tile, hardwood, thinset, or adhesives, DustRam® will do it dust free. DustRam® was first established in 2008. The system was designed to collect silica dust during the tile chipping process. With over 24 patented pieces of tools and equipment, DustRam® is truly the leader in the industry. Hire a certified contractor to remove your flooring completely dust free. DustRam® is better, faster, and cleaner! Choose DustRam® today!

DustRam® contractors use nylon DustRam® tile removal tool and the Bosch 11264 EVS electric chipping hammer to remove commercial and residential flooring completely dust free. With over 10 years of product development, DustRam® has taken over the industry and is recognized nationwide as the expert of dustless tile removal. Below are some videos of past jobs that you can check out to get a better understanding of the DustRam® process.

DustRam® Removes Tile Dust Free Preventing the Tile Dust From Going Airborne

Tile dust is harmful respirable dust that is one hundred times smaller than a single grain of sand. Inhaling silica dust can lead to the development of silicosis, kidney disease, lung cancer, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. An estimated 230 people a year develop lung cancer as a result of exposure at the workplace. Silica dust is mainly found in sand, rock, gravel, tile, and clay. Anytime these materials are worked on, crystalline silica dust is released into the air.

Count on top-quality and top-rated equipment when you choose DustRam® to remove your tile. The system costs about $150,000 while companies that claim ‘clean tile removal’ use significantly more affordable tools and equipment to get the job done. This means they do not provide clean tile removal. Only with DustRam® can you prevent tile dust from pervading your entire home. The DustRam® system is designed for speedy-fast and ultra-clean flooring removal of stone, hardwood, ceramic, Saltillo, thinset, adhesives, and much more.

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