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Dust Free Tile Removal in
Fresno, California

DustRam® Fresno

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Are you in the market for tile removal in Fresno, California? The DustRam® System of equipment and tools has an impeccable reputation for removing floor tile and capturing dust. The tools are that effective that we can remove tile flooring three times faster than any other contractor in the industry. When compared to other tile removal tools and methods, the DustRam® is easily the best system for efficient and speedy tile removal services.

The method used at DustRam® is truly one of a kind. In fact, it is the only method that can prevent silica tile dust from being spread into the air because it captures it at production. The system can remove everything from wood adhesive to black mastic, tile cement board, glues, thinset-mortar, and underlayment to name a few.

Advanced Technology, Tools, and Equipment

The truth is there is no other contractor that offers what we offer. We are confident we are the number one contractor for dustless tile removal in Fresno, California. The bottom line is we provide clean, fast, and superior tile removal.

Sub-floor should be as smooth as possible because it makes installation significantly easier to do. It also means any structural issues with your property’s foundation and inconsistencies will be eradicated. Each part of the DustRam® System has been thoroughly tested to ensure it is as effective and robust as possible.

In short, the system consists of tools and equipment that are far superior to other tools/equipment that other systems use. The DustRam® self-cleaning vacuum known as the PulseRam® sucks up the tile dust instantly never expelling it back into the air you breathe. If you want to experience the power of the DustRam® System for yourself, then contact us today.

DustRam® The Leader in Dust-Free Adhesive Tile Removal

We have over 23 contractors across the country, as well as 24 patents on equipment and tools. Our tools and equipment are robust, effective, and have high-quality designs. The materials the tools are made from are hardened steel and billeted aluminum.

Our system has been tested in the field on both commercial and residential sites for well over a decade. We are confident our system is far superior to other systems, which is why we recommend contacting us when you want dust-free adhesive removal or glue removal services. When you hire us, you can rest assure your home will look just as clean as it was when we arrived. Check out the reviews that have been written about us, and you will quickly see we have a stellar reputation.

DustRam® Removes the Following Types of Flooring:

Ceramic tile
Porcelain tile
Saltillo tile
Stone tile
Travertine tile
Limestone tile
Marble tile
Slate tile
Hardwood Flooring
Flagstone tile
Adhesives and glue

Our Dust Free Flooring Removal Leaves Your
Subfloor Better Prepared

Choose DustRam® if you want glue removal or adhesive removal that will result in a better bonded floor upon installation. We can remove various types of glues, thinset, and adhesives, tack strips, and more. Adhesives can be found under many types of floors, such as luxury vinyl flooring, carpet glue, vinyl floors and engineered hardwood floors to name a few.

PulseRam® Vacuums are patented equipment, and we use it to grind off any adhesive. As a result, the concrete foundation’s pores are opened. This aids in creating a strong bond for the flooring material. For a smoother, flatter, and cleaner subfloor, hire our team today.

Thanks to our air re-capturing adapter, the vacuum produces extremely strong pulses. This allows us to collect the silica dust, which means it never becomes airborne inside your home. The vacuum will capture and contain it. Our team of experts use only the highest quality tools and equipment around.

Learn About The Dangers of Exposure
to Tile Dust

Why Choose Dust-Free Tile Removal in
Fresno, California

Sheet Vinyl & Linoleum Removal

If you have linoleum and sheet vinyl on your concrete floors, then do not worry because we can remove both. That way your concrete surface will be completely visible, and the surface will be flatter, smoother, and free of contaminants. Do not just hire just any company because there is a chance, they do not offer completely dust-free methods. Most contractors specialize in traditional and virtually dust-free tile removal which are outdated methods in the industry that still expose you and your loved ones to tile dust.

We are the ones you want to hire. It does not matter if you are dealing with chalk lines, concrete paint, or carpet glue, we have the right DUSTLESS solution. Contact us today with any questions you have about our dust-free services.

Profiling Of Wood and Concrete Sub-Floors

To remove thin-set, staples, and various types of contaminants, we profile hardwood and concrete sub-floors. Having the sub-flooring profiled is important if you want a floor that will last a longtime. Profiling involves grinding the floor to remove various elements. This includes adhesive, stains, glues, and much more. As a result of doing the above, the sub-floor will be in prime condition for bonding. Profiling concrete and wood sub-flooring is one of our areas of expertise. Feel free to contact us to find out what exactly is involved.

As for what the requirements are for removing materials from sub-flooring, this depends on various factors. For example, carpet can be easier to deal with than tile flooring. Various types of floor tiles require a lot more attention and work when compared to carpet. Does your type of floor need a smooth sub-floor? If so, then you need to remove staples, paints, and other contaminants. DustRam® Fresno has you covered. Contact our team of professionals today to schedule your dustless tile removal job.

Crystalline Silica Dust Is Dangerous

You might have heard of crystalline silica, also known as tile dust. Tile dust is a mineral that is found in various materials used in construction. This includes mortar, stone, concrete, brick and even sand. These are only a few examples of where the dust is found.

If you are exposed to silica dust, and you breathe it in, then you are at risk of development Silicosis and other respiratory conditions. Traditional dust-free tile removal methods, as well as virtually dust-free methods, can cause you to become exposed to the dust. This is because such methods are not truly dust-free.

For a complete dust-free removal method to be effective, the right equipment needs to be used. Equipment must be able to capture the dust as soon as it is produced. If the dust is not captured right away, then it can be released into the air, which can lead to it getting into your closets, cabinets, and ductwork to name a few.

It can take months of cleaning to get rid of the dust that has spread to surfaces. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional that offers truly dust-free solutions. Contact us today if you are ready to book your tile removal in Fresno, California.

Choose A Dustless Tile Removal Company in
Fresno, CA

To ensure that silica dust does not cause trouble in your home, you should first hire the best dust-free tile removal service in the area. Get in touch with us today for additional information on our effective dust-free method for removing tiles.

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