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Dustless Tile Removal in Phoenix,
AZ – DustRam®

DustRam® Phoenix

Need a dustless tile floor removal in Phoenix, Arizona? DustRam® has +24 US patents on tools and equipment, making us the best flooring contractor in the nation. We set the tone for what a truly dust free flooring removal should be. Hire DustRam® for better, faster, and cleaner results.

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#1 Source for Dust Free Tile Removal
in Phoenix, Arizona

Speedy Fast Service

Our dustless tile removal system of tools and equipment enable us to do the job 3 times faster than other contractors


Our team of floor removal professionals have been active in the industry for many decades. We are extremely skilled and experienced.

Customer Satisfaction

Our mission is to provide you with the best-quality services in town. By doing so we can guarantee customer satisfaction every single time

+24 Patents on Tools

We are a DustRam® certified contractor that uses the DustRam® System to remove tile floor better, faster, and cleaner than any other service provider

Are you in the market for tile removal in Phoenix, Arizona? Arizona Home Floors, LLC is the original company of Jack King, who invented and patented the DustRam® Dust Free Tile Removal process (currently 23 patents) and covers all major cities in Arizona including but not limited to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Cave Creek, and Queen Creek. They guarantee in writing that your home will be as clean, if not cleaner, when they leave, than when they arrived.

Watch the video testimonial from a homeowner named Marleena, who lives in the Scottsdale area on McCormick Ranch where many homeowners have saltillo tile. Not only are most companies afraid to show videos of saltillo tile being removed, but they would never have the homeowner standing around, this proves that dustless removal is possible with the right equipment. For more information about dust free tile removal in Phoenix, visit the AZ Home Floors website!

DustRam® will provide you with a better, cleaner, and faster tile removal than any other contractor in the state of Arizona. Our DustRam® System was intricately made and designed to suck up 99.97% of the dust particles produced during the tile chipping, never getting released back into the air you breathe. DustRam® understands the horrible effects that come with the inhalation of crystalline silica dust. Our system alleviates you from the different problems that arise from traditional and virtually dust-free tile removal methods. Our team only offers DUST-FREE TILE REMOVAL. By choosing us, your home is left cleaner than it was upon our arrival. Contact us today for more information.

DustRam® Captures the Tile Floor Dust at the Source

Beginning in 2008, Jack King of Arizona Home Floors, LLC was the very first person to develop and patent a system to capture the dust from all types of floor removal including hardwood, tile, adhesives and glue, and stone. This dustless technology also works at removing fireplaces, showers, backsplashes, and even a tub surround.

After creating a vacuum system to capture the dust as the flooring was being removed at the source, Jack King created a training and certification program for the dustless DustRam® System. This is a very important process that contractors learn by coming to Arizona job sites and performing themselves. There are trade secrets and not even half of the process is shown online, the high-quality equipment is the key. When you compare a $10,000 vacuum system against a cheap vacuum used by other companies, there is no comparison.

Where most contractors are forced to use cheap vacuums that do not automatically self-clean, Arizona Home Floors utilizes a PulseRam® Vacuum System, which will automatically clean the HEPA filters every five seconds. No other vacuum allows contractors to control the speed at which their removal vacuums self-clean. At least seven of these expensive vacuums are brought to each project. Unlike vacuums that use a plastic bagging system that requires manual filter cleaning, Arizona Home Floors crews work all day and don’t have to dump the vacuums until they are finished and the filters stay clean throughout the day automatically. Get your free estimate for tile removal in Phoenix, Arizona.

Types of Flooring We Remove:

Ceramic tile
Porcelain tile
Saltillo tile
Stone tile
Travertine tile
Limestone tile
Marble tile
Slate tile
Flagstone tile
Adhesives and glue

We Grind Down Thinset and Scarify the
Concrete For Better Bonding

The dustless tile removal services do not end there! We also grind down your thin-set and scarify it so that your new floor will bond better and more easily to the subfloor. Many contractors miss this step and leave you with a concrete floor that is not leveled appropriately which can through off the new floor’s evenness.

Make sure the contractor you hire offers truly dust-free tile removal. Many people might confuse this dustless process with processes such as traditional tile removal or virtually dust-free tile removal. It’s important to recognize that these 3 methods are not the same! Traditional tile removal will remove the floor material but will not capture the dust. Contractors that use this method will release the dust back into your home.

Virtually dust-free on the other hand captures dust but only enough so that it is not visible in your home. However, not enough of it is capture so that it is not still harmful to your health. Although you may not be able to see the dust, it is so small that it is still present in your home and in the air you breathe. One individual particle of dust is 100 times smaller than 1 sand grain.

Not to mention one whole pound of dust is created per square foot of tile. This means 400 square feet of tile produce 400 pounds of dust!!! Do not expose yourself and your loved ones to the dangers of crystalline silica dust. Hire a DUSTLESS TILE REMOVAL IN PHOENIX TODAY.

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Not the Same as Traditional or Virtually Dust
Free Tile Floor Removal

If you are still not impressed, DustRam® also has an extensive video collection of nearly every type of flooring removal possible to show you more about our process.

Other companies you might encounter that are assuring “dust-free or dustless removal” should really try to show a video of flagstone being removed dust-free, or travertine, but the facts are, they all know they cannot promise what the DustRam® can do, meaning to deliver a true dust free flooring removal.

The DustRam® System is extremely effective at removing the silica dust from every phase of tile flooring removal, including all various other sorts of flooring, that other quality-minded specialists have actually bought the DustRam® System Tools from several other states in the USA.

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